Business Solutions to #MakeLifeBetter

Company Info

Eclypse Technologies is a solution driven company focused on utilizing technology, to help our clients grow their business. The company’s mission is to “make life better” by striving to improve the lives of our clients through innovative solutions, and in turn assist them in improving the lives of their customers, employees and shareholders.

Eclypse Technologies was founded in 2003 in the Caribbean island of Dominica, serving clients within the region, and has now expanded to operate in the United States and throughout the North American region.


Eclypse Technologies boasts a wide range of expertise and experience in the Information Technology industry, however our most valuable asset is our ability to think innovatively to provide solutions customized to each individual situation while sticking to our core values.


Eclypse Technologies is the parent company of the Eclypse Group which consists of the following diversified subsidiaries:

  • UNICITY Lifestyles by Eclypse – which seeks to make life better through natural health food supplements.
  • Remote-Wireless – mobile device sales and accessories
  • Eclypse Styles – Clothing and footwear sales
  • Sleuthcity by Eclypse – Caribbean based search engine in development.


We have partnered with both Industry leaders and local enterprises in our quest to provide the most innovative solutions to our clients.